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CorgiNFT Game

CorgiNFT Game

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Categories: Adventure, PVP

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


Corgi NFT Game allows players to enter a fantasy world where they can show off their skills and build an army of pets or territories. The story is rich and deep. There are many battles between The Light (Good), and The Dark (Evil). The adventure mode and hidden map modes add drama and surprise. The game can be experienced at multiple levels of gaming emotion, and not just the boring Click to Earn gameplay. Binance Smart Chain will give you elemental eggs which will produce random animals. They are called NFT pets and can be traded for NFT assets. Each pet is unique, and each one lasts forever. Turn-based strategy (Turn-based game) revolves around four main groups of characters that represent 4 elements: Dog, Earth, Cat, Fire, Bird, Air, and Shark. Random Animal Match, Animal Battle, Animal Upgrade, Build, Decorate Animal Training Camp. There are many NFTs that allow you to buy, sell, or auction animals and in-game objects. Each slot will have 4 characteristics: Earth — Fire — Water — Water. The incompatible mechanics of the game are Earth >Water; Water engraves fire; Fire etched air; Earth carved Earth. The stats for each pet that is spawned are random and will include defense, HP, defense, rarity, and 100 staminas. The rarity ranges between 1 and 5 stars. The higher the rarity, higher the pet’s base stats are at LV1. Random appearance (Ears and eyes, mouth, nose, forehead, tail, forehead, pattern) Every pet that is part of an element will have an advantage in fighting in that environment. The Corgi Dog (Earth), for example, has HP, Attack, Defense, and is able to fight on the Earth map. This will allow players to create their own strategies when building a team for fighting on each map or at specific events.


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