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Colony Online

Colony Online

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Categories: Collectible, MMO

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Web


Colonists is an NFT collection that includes 25,000 uniquely generated space animals. These are redeemable for in-game characters and cosmetic items in the upcoming MMO on blockchain. There are five species to choose from, and each species has a hard-capped supply limit of 5,000. Each species is dropped individually and can only be mint after the previous dropped species has sold. Colony Online (Metaverse Social MMO) is a social MMO on the blockchain. All playable characters as well as in-game cosmetics are NFTs. The game takes place in an alternate reality Moon Colony where a group of randomly generated space animals (called Colonists), have colonized the Moon and made it their own social playground for chic materialism and party lifestyles. This world will be able to create its own cryptocurrency that can fuel an economy of game item ownership on the blockchain.

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