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Chumbi Valley

Chumbi Valley

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Categories: Adventure, RPG, Simulation

Platforms: Binance

Devices: MAC


Chumbi Valley is an RPG Play to Earn blockchain game that features NFT creatures and original artwork inspired by Pokemon and Studio Ghibli. The adorable Chumbi, a bipedal NFT creature that lives in a forest valley, are cute and charming. You can be the main character and breed, collect, and explore Chumbi. Also, battle for crypto rewards. You can also earn additional rewards for helping your Chumbi maintain a farm or grow crops. You can also earn offline using Chumbi automation spells and in-game resources. You can also own NFT land plots at Chumbi Village where you can interact and build a community. Chumbi Valley will be built using BSC & Polygon, which allows for near-instant transactions and virtually no fees. It will be available in app form and launch on PC, Mac, Android and eventually iOS. The goal is to reward committed players around the globe with cryptocurrency.

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