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Chibidango Heroes

Chibidango Heroes

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Categories: Idle

Platforms: Cardano

Devices: Web


Chibidango Heroes will be a Cardano Blockchain-based Play to Earn Idle Hero Game. To earn rewards, collect your Chibidango Heroes. SEASON 1 Season 1 features 10,000 Chibidango Heroes, each with their own unique features, unique items, and pets. These items will be available to Chibidango’s for use and crafting later in the game. Chibidangos are permanently added to the InterPlanetary Fil System (IPFS). ADVENTURES Your Chibidango Heroes will become stronger by going on adventures. This is also the first step in expanding your Dango Village. You can upgrade your Chibidango’s or Dango Village’s Chibidango’s by collecting Crafting materials, Experience Potions, and other items. EXPEDITIONS Your Dango Airship will take you to new places around Dango Village. The Chibidango Heroes must upgrade their gear to protect the materials. UNDERWORLD To defeat vicious Monsters, explore the Underworld Portal. Each monster will have its strengths and weaknesses and, once they are killed, will drop a unique Void Stone. To increase their strength, Chibidango’s will have the ability to consume Void Stones. DANGO VILLAGE Chibidango Heroes set out from faraway Chibiway Galaxy in search of a place where they belonged. They found an island suitable for their needs on a distant planet. Dango Village is currently being built on the island. ARENA Chibidangos are passionate about fighting and competing against one another in the Arena. To become the Champion of Dango Village, form a Chibidango Heroes team with five members. REWARDS Your personal rating will determine how you win rewards. Your rating will determine how much you receive in Dango Gems or other unique items.

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