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Cardano Warriors

Cardano Warriors

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Categories: DeFi, RPG

Platforms: Cardano

Devices: Web


Cardano Warriors is a combination of our passion for video games and our enthusiasm for technology. It was created from our love of gaming, our desire to make a difference in the Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) landscape during the Cardano Network’s early stages. During the first stage we focused on creating an exclusive and unique art collection, which celebrated the Golden Era console RPG video game that was made in 16 and 8 bits. The collection added value to all involved, thereby transforming the entire NFTs buying and selling economy. Now, we are working to add more value and variety to our original collection. Cardano Warriors aims to be an exploration and adventure game with RPG elements that uses Cardano blockchain technology. We are a group of developers with many years of experience and are confident in the quality of our project. We are so happy for all our fans and future players that we have released the first phase. The game is just beginning! All are welcome and please enjoy.

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