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A DECENTRALISED METAVERSE BUILT AND BACKED BY POLYGON Bloktopia is a VR community that will bring together users in one immersive, engaging environment. INTRODUCING BLOKTOPIA, THE HOME OF CRYPTO Bloktopia, a Skyscraper that has 21 levels and 21 levels of recognition for 21 million bitcoins, is called Bloktopia. Bloktopians will be the name given to token holders. It will serve as a central hub, welcoming all levels of cryptocurrency experience. Users will now have instant access to all the latest crypto information and immersive content for the first time. Bloktopians can earn income through advertising revenue, real estate ownership, and play games. They also have the ability to build networks, network, and more. Bloktopia’s world-leading 3D Creation Engine will be used to create amazing visualisations and user experiences.

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