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Blockchain Monster Hunt

Blockchain Monster Hunt

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Categories: Adventure, Collectible, RPG

Platforms: Avalanche

Devices: Web


Blockchain Monster Hunt is the first game entirely built on blockchain technology. BCMH is a game that was inspired by Pokemon-GO. It allows players to explore new locations on the blockchain and hunt down monsters. Each block of the blockchain is an individual digital space that may contain a small number of Monsters. Collectors and players can battle or hunt for these rare Monsters to win coins. “A Game That Runs Totally on Blockchain” The blockchain allows for the creation of monsters. Each new monster is given its unique digital fingerprint. The blockhash. This means that nobody can predict or control how the monsters will appear. This means that the blockchain’s growth will increase the universe of BCMH. Since no one can predict what the blockhash will look like before it is mined, nobody (not even game developers) has control over this monster world. These are the unique characteristics that make the Blockchain Monsters an exceptional species that lives on the blockchain. BCMH goes beyond the idea of an NFT ownership system, which is integrated in many of the current NFT gaming platforms. “The First Multi-Chain NFT Game” Blockchain Monster Hunt offers a new and exciting experience. Players can play on multiple chains, and are encouraged to interact with them all. Water Elemental Monsters can only be found on Ethereum, while Fire Elemental Monsters can only be found on Binance Smart chain. Players can trade or transfer Monsters between chains to obtain Water Elemental Monsters that cool Fire Elemental Monsters during battle.

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