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Block Farm Club

Block Farm Club

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Categories: Board, Breeding

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


The Real Play to Earn Experience Block farm club is a game that combines innovation and blockchain. This will allow you to receive tokens, energy and creatures as well as gems and plants. These tokens can be traded online and offline. You can complete daily quests with energy. You have energy every day to farm other people, help your companions, and receive gems and bonuses at the completion of each mission. Why play Block Farm Club? You can manage creatures, pets, plants, and seeds using energy, water and food in-game. These items cannot be traded, but they can be used by every personal account. Tokens and gems can be traded within the platform. Tokens are exchanged for gems. The tokens come out your wallet and you get gems. Gems earned from battles, quests, daily, rewards, and other activities can be exchanged to tokens or withdrawn from the platform at any time. The farm system was designed to make it easy to play. You will need seeds, plants, water, and waiting time to get prizes in gems. Your gameplay and ability complete tasks within the time limit will determine how many prize gems you receive. You can also remove your farm from any circumstance or as many times as you want.


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