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Black Eye Galaxy

Black Eye Galaxy

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Categories: Space

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


Explore the galaxy, buy planets, mine resources, build civilizations, race spaceships, fights Black Eye Galaxy [BYG] a Metaverse that aims to provide a space exploration experience is designed. Its members. BYG has many assets, from planets to spaceships or buildings. All are tradeable. Transferable and fully owned by the player BYG can be played as a Play-To-Earn (pay-to-win) game. For completing tasks within the game, players will be awarded BYG tokens. This is the native currency of the Metaverse. BYG is based on Binance Smart Chain, as BSC offers fast and inexpensive transactions This makes the game more accessible for more people. To attract more players, BYG is a great option. It will integrate all major Layer-1 Blockchains into its gameplay, i.e. Ethereum, Solana, and others. BYG Token, a standard BEP-20 token that will be used to establish the primary currency for all transactions, is Transactions – The player will buy and sell NFT assets with BYG. For completing different tasks, you can earn BYG token rewards BYG uses Non-Fungible tokens for all its Metaverse assets management. The player can trade, buy, sell, or trade any planet, spaceship, or building, and keep it in his possession. wallet – as decentralized and efficient as it should be NFT assets cannot be traded on the same DEXs as common tokens. PancakeSwap will be using its own NFT marketplace, in which all of the assets mentioned will be available can be purchased and sold using the native BYG Token Current NFT assets include: 1. Spaceships and Planets (Built to the ERC-721 standard). 2. Star Alliances (Built using ERC-1155 standard).

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