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Beyond Earth Online

Beyond Earth Online

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Categories: Collectible, MMORPG

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: MAC


BEO is a Top Down, Massively Multiplayer Online PvP game that uses NFT technology on ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN. LORE BEO will be established in the near future, in 2035. With their 2030 agenda, the Illuminati, a nefarious group, took control of the world. With the support of a neighboring race, the New World Order was able to launch an alien invasion. Their plan to conquer and decimate the majority of the human population was made possible by this invasion. Five years later, there were still very few people left. Many of these people have been genetically altered for over a decade using nanotech, and are now almost bionic in their natural environment. These bred humans can disconnect from their programming and go rogue, sometimes even going against the will of their hive minds.


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