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Categories: DeFi, PVP

Platforms: Binance

Devices: IOS


Welcome to BattleVerse! Here you can make money playing and developing with the Universe. BattleVerse is an online P2E game that uses DeFi x NFT technology and blockchain technology. Multichain technology is a unique feature of BattleVerse. It allows you to manage your gaming assets through interactions with different blockchains. BattleVerse’s world is vast! There is something for everyone in BattleVerse. You may choose to take part in battles to earn rewards or develop your fighting characters to be able to fight the best in Intergalactic Tournament. Some will choose to be an adventurer, while others will become famous merchants across the galaxy who can sell any rusty equipment to any robot. Many people will own factories, plants, underground mycelium fields, and mysterious groves that provide steady income. The most fortunate or successful players will be able to breed their characters and make new friends. You can play the Battleverse characters’ adventures in a browser on your computer (Mac or Windows) as well as in IOS/Android mobile apps (will be available in February 2012).


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