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Categories: Action, Adventure, PVP

Platforms: Binance

Devices: IOS


We are excited to have a blockchain technology to see amazing beings fighting every day to defend their lands, train and get juicy rewards that we can exchange for real money or have our favorite cryptomonías.

BARBARIANS is not an ordinary NFT game, but a wonderful opportunity to earn money while having fun, we make sure that our users are empowered and have their own economy by earning daily rewards by upgrading their NFT characters or selling them to other users.

Through a robust plan and backup plan, we will become the best NFT Play to Earn game as we closely monitor the mistakes other games have made in terms of reducing server rewards and errors / failures . We will also not create another token to keep the game alive, since we will give enough coexistence in the present and in the future to our barbarian file ($ BBS) since our team is made up of professionals from the world of blockchains who have provided their services to different companies in the world of cryptography. We are convinced that with the right decisions, we can ensure that our users have full control over their finances while having fun with just a few minutes a day.

Become a reference game like Clash Royale or Clash Of Clans, but in Play to Earn mode today in the future.

Let users own their time and money while playing

Build a great community where the common goal is to play and win.

Allow people who believe in the project


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