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Categories: Collectible, DeFi

Platforms: Avalanche

Devices: Web


WHAT IS AVAXTARS? AVAXTARS, a browser game built on the Avalanche Blockchain Platform, is NFT-based. It uses its own tokenomics, which are based on $AVXT and $DGC Tokens. Who are AVAXTARS? Each avatar is digitally created. Avaxtar images are saved to IPFS. Their existence is also recorded on Avalanche Mainnet using unique ERC-721 tokens. We use a digital genetic code (DGC), and create a hash value from these genes to create Avaxtars. This ensures that each Avaxtar is unique. What can I do with my AVAXTARS The creation of an Avaxtar is only the beginning of a wonderful adventure. You can keep your Avaxtar as long as it is desired. Roadmap for Avaxtars Phase 1 was launched on March 31, 2021 By covering their costs, players generated new Avaxtars. These Avaxtars can only be created in Generation 1 (Gen1), and there is a limit of 10.000 Gen1 Avaxtars. All Gen1 have been generated and minting has ended. Phase 2 began on June 14, 2021 With $AVXT tokens, players can purchase a “Personal Avaxtar Generation Machine” (PAGM). Players can farm $AVXT by purchasing a PAGM device that can generate Gen2 Avaxtars. All Avaxtars in Phase 3 can embark on missions and gain experience to reach higher levels.


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