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Categories: Adventure, PVP, RPG

Platforms: Solana

Devices: Windows


Aurory is a gaming platform that uses the play-to-earn model. This is our belief that the future of gaming will flow from pay-to-play, free-to play, and then to playing to earn. We are currently working on a solo game mode that is based on a JRPG type set in a retro-futuristic world. It is fully hand-drawn in 2D animation and a side-scrolling videogame where you will be following the quest for Helios. To advance in the plot, you must complete quests, talk with NPCs, and defeat many enemies. A PvP mode (player against player) is also possible. Gamers will compete in a game where they pick five of their cards and items to fight in a competition. To start a contest you must pay a certain amount of tokens. The tokens will be used to pay for the contest. After that, the creatures will begin fighting according to their particularities. The winner will get all the tokens.


Official Website.

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