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Age of Tanks

Age of Tanks

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Categories: Strategy, Tactical

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


Age of Tanks 3D strategy game where players build and command a fleet of tanks to attack the battlefields on their quest for Earth Zero. Players start the game with a basic tank that they can use to search for Brodiums, the rare element fused from 2nd Impact. This is a vital raw material for building the ultimate tanks. You can play as the CHAMPION OF THE EARTH for free. Your tank can be customized, upgraded, and finally equipped with powerful weapons that will help you win on the battlefield. To build the ultimate war machine, you must collect, forge, and seize FOUR parts! There are more than 500 parts. Each part has different affinities and skills. Every battle is unique because every tank part has its own strengths and weaknesses. Combine and combine to create the perfect tanks teams with endless strategic options. Game Modes PVE CAMPAIGN Brodium can be obtained by playing a PVE campaign. Brodium can be used to unlock rare and mysterious warchests to get critical parts for building war tanks. PVP ARENA To climb the ladders and win Warchests, show off your tanks and skills in either the 1v1 arena or the 7v7 arena. The Warchests will reward gamers who rank higher than others. The season’s end will reward the top gamers with rare NFTs or $AOT tokens. GUILD BATTLE To earn special guild rewards, join a guild and raid other guilds. Are you ready to take full ownership of your tanks? Assemble, Outwit, Triumph?


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