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Age of Cryptology

Age of Cryptology

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Categories: Adventure, MMORPG, PVP

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


Age Of Cryptology (AOC), a Play & Earn platform on Binance Smart Chain, combines exciting and entertaining lore with blockchain technology to offer new possibilities. Every asset in AOC is an NFT (Nonfungible token), which allows you to own the asset as well as full control. A utility token known as “Aureo”, a former roman currency, is also part of the in-game economy. It will be used as the game’s main currency. Aureo can be used to exchange for other cryptocurrencies, real money (USD or EUR) and even real money. This is the new Play & Earn game! We want to make Play & Earn a mature concept that values strategy and skill. We do not want to become a “sit-and-click here” game. We want you to understand our in-game probabilities and algorithms so that you can create your own strategy.

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